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Business development representative

Firma: N3

Miasto/Region:warsaw / wielkopolskie


Forma Zatrudnienia:dowolna


Treść oferty:

Key Responsibilities

  • Activity  - Executes structured multi-channel (call, email, social) outreach cadence, high volume 80+ daily.
  • Target audience  - Targets predefined list of clients or N3 sourced prospects, including decision influencers, limited business decision makers.
  • Messaging  - Delivers Client / N3 defined reason for call talk track, designed for consistent repeatable execution.
  • Product / Offering focus  - Focuses on Single offering specific to target audience.
  • Qualification / Sales Stage  - 0-10%: responsible for lead / opportunity generation, limited BANT or up to full BANT qualification.
  • Deliverable  - Produces Qualified lead / opportunity record in target CRM, may include scheduled meeting or other follow up expectation.

Critical Competencies

  • Communication Skills -  Strong written and verbal communications skills and use of professional business language.
  • Sales Skills -  Consistently executes core messaging strategy, can navigate to decision makers, and establish clear next steps.
  • Industry Knowledge -  Basic understanding target industry, able to deliver provided messaging on client solutions.
  • Business Operations -  Able to accurately document call outcomes / notes, and record qualification criteria.


  • Education  - Bachelor's Degree Required.
  • Experience  - 6 months to 2 years Sales and / or marketing experience is preferred.
  • Languages  - Estonian level (C1) required
  • Tools / Systems  - Fluency with basic productivity tools (Outlook, O365, Web Conferencing tools) and experience using CRM systems strongly preferred.

<span times = "" new = "" roman "=" ", =" "serif;" = "" style = "box-sizing: border-box;"> N3, Part of Accenture, is an outsourced Inside Sales firm. 

<span times = "" new = "" roman "=" ", =" "serif;" = "" style = "box-sizing: border-box;"> With 10+ years of proven success, we leverage a scalable, technology-enabled sales framework supported by integrating Digital Marketing, Inside Sales, and Custom Analytics.

<span times="" new="" roman"="" ,="" serif;"="" style="box-sizing: border-box;">At N3, Part of Accenture, we accelerate adoption by converting digital interest into long-term consumption through a customer-centric, solution-based selling approach.

<span times = "" new = "" roman "=" ", =" "serif;" = "" style = "box-sizing: border-box;"> N3, Part of Accenture, is headquartered in Atlanta with offices in Barcelona; Bogota; Charleston, WV; Dublin; Kuala Lumpur; London; San Jose, Costa Rica; Sao Paulo; Seattle; Singapore; Sofia; Sydney; Tokyo; Warsaw; and Wuppertal, Germany. Employing the world's largest team of experienced technology and sales experts, N3 delivers programs in 25+ languages.

Business Development Representative (BDR) Native Estonian

A BDR executes and predefined cadence against an identified target list of SMB Technical Decision makers / Influencers, utilizing a standardized messaging strategy for a single product / solution in order to identify and qualify potential leads.  Languages - Estonian level (C1) required 

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