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Ruby on Rails Mid developer

Firma: PIASKOWNICA REKRUTACYJNA - #KopalniaBiznesu ⛏???? #Rekruteo.com

Miasto/Region:Warszawa / cała Polska

Forma Zatrudnienia:dowolna


Treść oferty:


Ruby on Rails Mid developer


  • project/client: e-commerce/CRM software made in RoR and Spree that is used to sell custom-made materials.
  • engagement: full-time, 2 month+
  • assignment: fully remote
  • start date: March / TBA 
  • rates: please advise
  • must-have language: PL, ENG
  • working hours & time zone: GMT+1, regular working hours
  • est. time-to-hire (after submission): 2 weeks


Product pricing is provided by the external team in form of CSV files and those files are processed and saved in the system. Current code is using a callback, async jobs, and multiple calculations that were working ok at the begging, but after multiple different products and volume pricing, it started to cripple the system when the script is working (when prices are updating).

The task at hand is to refactor the code to improve performance. Developer should use basic performance metric (time of processing, the quantity of async jobs created, the quantity callbacks fired, etc.) to provide accurate data about the state before and after improvements, but overall there's so much room to improve things that initial changes should 'big wins' and should be visible even without explicit measurements.

Must have:

  • Ruby on Rails - good knowledge proved in battle
  • ActiveRecord - very good understanding of ORM, underlying operations, and their impact on performance and experience working with callbacks
  • SQL - the ability to analyze SQL queries generated by ORM and write new, direct SQL queries
  • Experienced with understanding and producing technical documentation and conducting a conversation,
  • Understanding of Scrum methodologies (experience working in an Agile environment) 

Good to have:

  • 3+ years of total experience working as a software developer
  • Experience optimizing code and working with code written by someone else in general
  • Focus on performance metrics, ability to provide performance data and measure improvements
  • Sidekiq/async jobs
  • Spree
  • CSV processing

Technical Description:

Generally, the project is pretty well maintained - there is plenty of unit tests, there are QA teams, Rails, and Spree versions are rather up to date and there has been much work poured into the project in the last year to make it easier to work with, but the code that has to be modified is obviously a little bit behind on that and hence the need to refactor and improve.

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