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Ruby on Rails Developer

Firma: Rekruteo.com

Miasto/Region: / cała Polska

Forma Zatrudnienia:dowolna


Treść oferty:


  • role: Ruby on Rails Senior developer
  • project/client: American & Global tech Giant (payments)
  • engagement: full-time, 1 year+
  • assignment: fully remote
  • must-have language: ENG
  • working hours & time zone: first 2-3 months: GMT-8 3 days a week, GMT+1, regular working hours
  • est. time-to-hire (after submission): 2 weeks


We are looking to augment our existing payments teams with additional capacity to accelerate development on global expansion initiatives. We are currently able to expand to a single market at a time and would like to get to a point where we can be working on multiple market expansion initiatives in parallel. Launching in a new market involves coordinating roadmaps across 5 – 10 teams. When you are working with so many different roadmaps, it’s inevitable that there will be some reprioritization that leads to misalignment and delays. This group of engineers will help to balance out those misalignments by providing reserved global expansion capacity to our internal teams. 

Must have:

  • RoR experience, 5+ years
  • Problem solving, algorithms (will be verified by hackerrank and during an interview)
  • Team player
  • English language skills, B2 or higher

Must be available to work 12:00pm-8:00pm for the first 2-3 months at least 3 days a week


  • Experience in microservices
  • Experience with AWS
  • Practical Java knowledge

Technical Description:

Work with our Payments teams to accelerate development on our global expansion initiatives to expand payments acceptance into new markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Japan, etc. 

Project Objectives:

Example projects for achieving our goals:  

  • Update processor integrations to add new features  
  • Build out new money movement flows to align with merchant and regulatory requirements for new regions  
  • Build out new chargeback / disputes flows, working closely with the Treasury team, to align with merchant and regulatory requirements for new regions 
  • Add and/or update fraud prevention tools to align with merchant and regulatory requirements for new regions 
  • Build merchant reports that meet market-specific expectations  
  • Integrate with market-specific wallet and local payment methods 

Have questions regarding this brief? Reach out to us!

Iza Kołodziej, izabela.kolodziej@rekruteo.com

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