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Java Engineer

Firma: Rekruteo.com

Miasto/Region: / cała Polska

Forma Zatrudnienia:dowolna


Treść oferty:


  • role: Java Engineer
  • project/client: Telecommunications
  • engagement: full-time
  • assignment: fully remote
  • start date: June/July
  • must-have language: ENG, PL
  • working hours & time zone: GMT+1 regular
  • est. time-to-hire (after submission): 2 weeks
  • team: 5+ devs


As a part of digital program, you will be creating backend for our mobile application. You will be part of a team whose mission is to craft the optimal mobile experience for our millions of customers, make it easy and fun to register and enjoy our services.


Your main tasks will cover:

  • Support the native app and backend solutions for optimal performance, flexibility and maintainability
  • Keep codebase easy to maintain, keep it easy for others
  • Review customer usage, insights to relentlessly test and improve the experience with your team
  • Review code contributed by the rest of the team and work with them to simplify and improve it


Your skillset preferably involves:

  • Strong experience with digital registration flow, identity and token management protocols
  • Strong experience in creating microservices (preferably on Java 8+, Spring Boot 2, Spring Integration)
  • Strong experience with backend and api design
  • Some experience with working on queuing systems like RabbitMQ
  • You are passionate about crafting solutions enjoyable to use by millions of users
  • You are able to see and understand the big picture of software solutions
  • You love the challenge of building simple and secure solutions to protect customer privacy
  • You love going the extra mile to deeply understand their needs and delight customers
  • You love collaborating with DevOps and QA colleagues to continuously build your team pipeline and improve
  • Self-motivated with strong organisational skills
  • You are passionate about software engineering practices: version control, testing, code quality and automation


These skills are not obligatory, however nice to have:

  • Experience in the implementation of keycloak as identity broker of an API gateway like Kong/APIgee…
  • A large experience with frontend development, and specifically high-performance APIs design
  • Experience with scalability, performance tuning of complex backend and mobile environments
  • Experience with API exposure, identity management solutions and security best practices
  • Contribution to open-source projects, or GitHub personal projects
  • Experience with MySQL, MongoDB or PostgreSQL in a production environment

Have questions regarding this brief? Reach out to us!

Iza Kołodziej, izabela.kolodziej@rekruteo.com, 601 781729

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